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An Evening Workshop to Connect To Your Inner Goddess And Attract The Partner You Desire & Deserve

Monday, 13. Feb '23   |   6:30 - 9:30 PM   |   @Botanica Garden Cafe, Tulum

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  • Are you fed up repeating the same patterns of your previous relationships?

  • Are you afraid of wasting precious time in a new relationship only to realize that it is not working out? 

  • Do you want to learn the framework that my clients and I used to successfully manifest and attract the partner of our dreams?

Annalena und Reimo the Way


  • A clear framework on how to attract a different type of men

  • Clarity on what you really want in a partner

  • The most important tools that helped me and my clients create our dream relationships

  • A mix of pattern breaking relationship insights, manifestation techniques, clearings, meditation & powerful rituals

  • Confidence in your dream and trust that it will happen for you

  • A great evening with inspiring women in a beautiful space


Date: Monday, 13. Feb 2023
Location: Botanica Garden Café, Tulum
Time: Get together: 6.30 pm | Workshop: 7 pm - 9.30 pm

Vegan Snacks, Water & Juice included

55 US$ per Goddess (Bring A Friend And Save 20$)

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      if you are ready to invite next level love into your life, this evening is for you!
You are just a step away ...


Annalena Volk


Hi, my name is Annalena, I am a relationship expert & coach, originally from Germany but a big Mexico lover and a hopeless visionary.

Five years ago I left my last relationship when I realized that I couldn’t become the women I wanted to be if I stayed. I longed for a man that was spiritual, reflected, eager to grow and co-create with me. My reality back then looked very different. After breaking up, I took a lot of time reflecting what had happened and what was needed to make my dream come true. 

In the following year I did a lot of work on myself, was guided by great coaches and mentors, read a ton of books on relationships, have been trained in NLP, Nonviolent Communication, Emotional Leadership, Access Consciousness and many others, tested various techniques & tools and realized that I was the key to manifesting and creating my dream relationship. 

Finally I developed a framework of simple steps to become the woman that attracts a different type of men into my life.


One year later I started a relationship with my dream partner who has been my life and business partner for almost four years now.


Since then I helped hundreds of women through my coachings, workshops & podcast to attract their dream partner and create the relationship they always wanted. 

Hope to see you in this transformative evening workshop and share all the tools and experiences with you.

You are just a step away …

You deserve that relationship.



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What other wonderful women are saying about my work


With the right framework, it is possible for you, too. Take the leap, do the work and don’t settle for less.
You are a goddess. 

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Love Manifest

An evening workshop to attract the partner you desire & deserve

  • Monday, 13. Feb 2023 

  • @Botanica Garden Café, Tulum

  • Get together: 6.30 pm

  • Workshop: 7 pm - 9.30 pm

  • Vegan Snacks, Water & Juice included

  • 55 US$ per Goddess

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